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Featured Titles

  • Warehoused

    The Forgotten Refugees of Dadaab

    An estimated 14 million people worldwide live in refugee camps with less than 0.1% resettled, repatriated or integrated into mainstream society each year. The feature-length documentary Warehoused explores the plight of long-term refugees through a glimpse into the lives of those housed in Dadaab, Kenya -- the world’s largest refugee camp. We see the camp's inner workings through the refugees’ personal stories, most notably Liban Rashid and his perseverance to reunite with his family who was resettled in America ten years ago. Featuring commentary by UNHCR agency workers, experts, and journalists; Warehoused poignantly illustrates challenges which have faced millions of refugees for centuries in their struggle to find a place they can call home.

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  • Old Dog

    New Zealand farmer Paul Sorenson has a unique connection with his colleagues — a team of sheep dogs.

    New Zealand farmer Paul Sorenson has a unique connection with his colleagues — a team of sheep dogs. For 40 years, he's worked to develop smarter and more intuitive training methods for fellow farmers, while grappling with memories of a difficult childhood. Reaching retirement, the veteran dog whisperer passes his knowledge to the next generation of shepherds, and reflects on the sacrifices he's made to pursue his intense passion for dogs.

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  • Mile Marker

    7000 Miles on the road to recovery

    “Mile Marker” spotlights a two-tour military veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq who travels 8,000 miles across the United States to check in with his former battle buddies who served with him 15 years ago; all of whom are currently fighting a battle with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

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  • Art Bastard

    "It's not what they show, it's what they don't show." – Robert Cenedella

    What is art and how does it relate to society? Is its value determined by its popularity or originality? Is the goal profit or expressing one's personal vision? These are some of the questions raised as we follow fiercely independent New York artist Robert Cenedella in his artistic journey through decades of struggling for creative expression. A student, protégé and friend of German artist George Grosz, Cenedella is now passing on the legacy of Grosz’s approach to art, in the very same room where Grosz taught. In portraying Cenedella's determination to buck the system of what's popular while critiquing that popularity in his attempt to turn the art world upside down, ART BASTARD is a funny, touching, and insightful look inside the maverick mind of a true original.

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